Uriah P Levy Defence Commodore Jones

Lieutenant Levy, for several months, was fourth, and I first lieutenant, of the frigate United States, where he discharged his duty satisfactorily to the captain as well as to the first lieutenant, notwithstanding his advent into our ship was attended with such novel and discouraging circumstances as, in justice to captain Levy, renders it necessary here to record them.
On the arrival of the Franklin, of 74 guns, at Syracuse, in 1818,…the ward-room mess, without consulting me, determined to remonstrate against Levy's coming aboard….Astonished at such a proposition, I inquired as to the cause, when I was answered that he was a Jew, and not an agreeable person, and they did not want to be brought in contact with him….I then asked the relator if he, or any member of our mess, knew anything, of his own knowledge, derogatory to lieutenant Levy, as an officer and as a gentleman. The answer was no but they had heard thus and so, &c., &c…. I know that, perhaps with a single exception, those who opposed his joining our mess, not only relented, but deeply regretted the false step they had incautiously taken.

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