Uriah P Levy Defence 18571203

[Resuming Levy's own testimony] During the few months that Commodore Jones remained in the ship United States, his wise and just counsels had the effect he describes. After he left her, I am sorry to be obliged to say, the old
prejudices revived in the breasts of too many of my associates. …

[p. 13] The following is the letter of Captain Crane, evidently written at the instance and in the temper, of the cabal referred to by Commodore Jones:

Unites States Ship United States, February 4, 1818
It is with deep regret that I learn Lieut. Levy and other officers have been ordered to my ship….My ship already has her complement of officers; any additions will not only be inconvenient, but may tend to destroy the harmony and good-will which have uniformly prevailed. [p. 14] Considerations of a personal nature render Lieut. Levy peculiarly objectionable, and I trust, he at least will not be forced upon me.
I have the honr to be , &c., &c., &c., &c.,
Wm. M. Crane
[To] Commodore Charles Stewart, &c., &c., &c. U.S. Ship Franklin

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