Gomez Denization 17050418 03

Moreover, we wish and through these patents we charge the said Luis Gomez that the same Luis Gomez and his heirs be vassal and subject to us and to our heirs and successors, and as such shall one and all pay & contribute the lot & scot (the customary duties according to the ability of each), in the same manner as our subjects do and shall each & all pay & contribute as is just; and that the said Luis Gomez & his heirs shall pay and contribute to our heirs and our successors the custom duties and subsidies for materials and merchandise, just as immigrants and aliens are always required to do.

It is further decreed that Luis Gomez shall observe each & every act, statute, ordinance, & proclamation of the English Realm (issued in the past or to be issued in the future), and shall regard them & be obedient to them in conformity with the laws and statutes and each provision thereof.

We also wish that the said Luis Gomez & his family, which he now has or shall have in the future shall be and continue to be residents within our Kingdom of England or elsewhere within any other of our Dominions.

And finally, it is our decree & with this condition that if the said Luis Gomez shall be a master of a vessel or shall act as a mercator within the boundaries of the English Realm contrary to the liberties & privileges of an incorporated licensed alien, and counter to those given to each and all merchants of our English Kingdom, through my charters or letters patent, or those granted by each or any one of our predecessors up to this time, by this very decree these letters patent shall be void and of no effect.

In testimony of which we hereby cause these letters patent to be issued & our seal to be affixed by my own witness.

Given at Westminster the eighteenth day of April in the fourth year of our reign. (April 18, 1705)

Attachment of seal and endorsement (per breve deprivato sigil)

(signed) Cocks

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