Gomez Denization 17050418 02

And that the said Luis Gomez & his heirs may be able to acquire and receive, take, hold, have, buy, & possess lands, holdings, inheritances within our English Domain & any of our Dominions to use and enjoy for himself and his heirs in perpetuity or to give, purchase, buy, sell, alienate and dispose of in any manner whatsoever to whatever person or persons he or they choose or shall choose as freely, fearlessly, fully, wholly, peaceably, quietly, and without disturbance as he or they may desire, just as may any faithful citizen born within our Kingdom.

And that the said Luis Gomez & his heirs may as freely and fully as he or they may desire declare, retain & enjoy all such lands, tenements and hereditaments, given, granted, or assigned; and they may transfer the same as freely, wholly, peaceably and quietly, as may any of our faithful subjects native to our Realm.

And that the said Luis Gomez and his heirs may peaceably, freely & fully, have, possess, use & enjoy each and all franchises & privileges as any of our loyal citizens born within the kingdom, without any disturbance, molestation, hindrance or vexation, without trouble or annoyance by our heirs and successors, or ministers or Officials, or by anyone whatsoever, or for any cause or reason, anything to the contrary notwithstanding.

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