West India Company To Stuyvesant April 16, 1663

Directors of the Board of the West India Company, Amsterdam, to Peter Stuyvesant, April 16, 1663, in response to the banishment of a Quaker from New Amsterdam

from ''The early history of the Jews in New York, 1654-1664. Some new matter on the subject'' by Samuel Oppenheim, //Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society//, No. 18 (1909), p. 23

Although we heartily desire that these and other sectarians remain away from there, yet as they do not, we doubt very much whether we can proceed against them rigorously without diminishing the population and stopping immigration which must be favored at a so tender stage of the country's existence. You may therefore shut your eyes, at least not force people's consciences, but allow everyone to have his own belief, as long as he behaves quietly and legally, gives no offense to his neighbors and does not oppose the government. As the government of this City has always practiced this moderation and has often had a considerable influx of people, we do not doubt that your Province too would be benefited by it.

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