WIC To Stuyvesant, Jews Observe Religion Quietly 16560614

Jews Observe Religion ''Quietly,'' West India Company to Peter Stuyvesant, June 14, 1656

from ''The early history of the Jews in New York, 1654-1664. Some new matter on the subject'' by Samuel Oppenheim, //Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society//, No. 18 (1909), p. 33

We have here seen and learned with displeasure, that your Honors, against our letter of the 15th of February, 1655, granted to the Jewish or Portuguese nation at their request, have forbidden them to trade at Fort Orange and South River, and also the purchase of real estate, which is allowed them here in this country without any difficulty, and we wish that this had not occurred but that your Honors had obeyed our orders which you must hereafter execute punctually and with more respect.
Jews or Portuguese people, however, shall not be permitted to establish themselves as mechanics (which they are not allowed to do in this city), nor allowed to have open retail shops, but they may quietly and peacefully carry on their business as heretofore and exercise in all quietness their religion within their houses, for which end they must without doubt endeavor to build their houses close together in a convenient place on one or the other side of New Amsterdam—at their choice—as they have done here.

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