Simon Wolf's reproduction of a conversation he had with President Grant

This is a reproduction of something that President Grant said during a conversation with him, while he was President.
"Respect for human rights is the first duty of those set as rulers over nations, and the humbler, poorer or more abject and miserable the people be, be they white or black Jew or Christian, the greater should be the concern of those in authority to extend protection, to rescue and redeem them and to raise them up to an equality with the most enlightened. The story of the sufferings of the Hebrews of Romania profoundly touches every sensibility of our nature. It is one long series of outrage and wrong, and even if there be exaggeration in the accounts which have reached us, enough is evident to prove the imperative duty of all civilized nations to extend their moral aid in behalf of a people so unhappy. Prince Charles and his ministers and the public men of that country may be brought to see that the future of their nation lies in a direction totally opposite to these laws, and persecutions, whether great or petty, which have hitherto so invidiously marked its character. It is not by Chinese walls or Spanish expatriation that nations can hope to make progress in our day. I have no doubt your presence and influence, together with the efforts of your colleagues of the great powers with whom, in this matter, you will always be prompt to act, will result in mitigating the evils complained of and end in terminating them. The United States, knowing no
difference between her citizens on account of religion or nativity, naturally believes in a civilization the world over which will secure the same universal views."

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