Shearith Israel Burial Ground 165507

Petition of Jews to Acquire a Jewish Burial Ground, July, 1655

from ''The early history of the Jews in New York, 1654-1664. Some new matter on the subject'' by Samuel Oppenheim, //Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society//, No. 18 (1909), p. 75


Abraham de Lucena, Salvador Dandrada and Jacob Cohen, Jews, in the name of the others, petition the Honorable Director General this day to be permitted to purchase a burying place for their nation, which being reported to the meeting and voted on, it was agreed to give them the answer that inasmuch as they did not wish to bury their dead (of which as yet there was no need) in the common burying ground, there would be granted them when the need and occasion therefor arose, some place elsewhere of the free land belonging to the Company.

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