NYT Editorial on Gen Grant and the Jews 1868




From our own correspondent,
Lafayette, Ind, Monday June 8, 1868.
Gen. Grant and the Jews

The most insidious efforts are being made at this juncture in Indiana, as well as in other western states, to prevail upon the Jews to declare remorse that they will not vote for Gen. Grant on account of his well known Vicksburg order. Two circulars have lately been dressed to a great many Jews of Republican proclivities in the Western States for the purpose of inducing them to join in the crusade against the republican candidate for the presidency. One of them is dated and mailed at St. Louis, and signed by a certain Isaacs, who styles himself a "Jewish officer,' but who, it is said, cannot be found in that city at all. The other is got up in Chicago, and is not signed by anybody, but it is full of preposterous falsehoods concerning the opinions which, it asserts, Gen. Grant entertains in regard to the Jews in the United States. To judge by these circulars and by the constant harping of many democratic papers in the West on the same subject, it is evident that desperate efforts will be made all summer to alienate the mass of the Republican Jews from Gen. Grant. If this line of policy had any prospects of success, the matter would be serious enough, for there are in Illinois not less than 30,000 Jewish voters, and in Indiana at least 15,000; and, inasmuch as five-sixth of them have hitherto always voted with the republicans, a wholesale defection on their part would endanger the election of Grant and Colfax in Illinois, and render the election of the democratic ticket in Indiana certain beyond a doubt. But these efforts are wasted. The Jews now already declare indignantly that appeals of this kinds are insults to their common sense, and that if, as certain Democratic politicians have advised, mass meetings of the Jews should be called for the purpose of making demonstrations against Gen. Grant, their leading man would be first to denounce the movement and the designing politicians who originated it.

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