Jacob Franks Purchases Jewish Burial Ground 1746

Jacob Franks Purchases Burial Place for Shearith Israel in New York, June 25, 1746

Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society Vol 4, p. 196

Memorandum of Agreement made and Concluded upon Between Jacob Francks of the Citty of New York merchent and parnass of the Jew Senegogg for This Present Year and my self the Subscriber Whereas I have Taken in Fence the Land belongin to the Jew Buriel place. I Do hereby Sertify that the Right of the Said Land is in the Said Francks in behalf of him self and Congregation and Shall keep the Same For no Longer time then the Said Jacob Francks or the Parnass for the time being Shall think Proper and Oblige my self To Pay or Cause to be paid to the Said Parnas or the Parnas for the time being three pepper Corns if the Demanded pr annum and Shall always be Redy to Deliever up the Said Land to the Parnas of the Jew Senegogg for the time being as wittness my hand & seal, this 25th June, 1746.

John Roosevelt (Seal).
Cornelius Roosevelt
Danell Gomez.

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