John Megapolensis 16550318

Rev. Johannes Megapolensis, New Amsterdam to the Classis, the Governing Board of the Dutch Reformed Church, Amsterdam, Holland, March 18, 1655

from ''The early history of the Jews in New York, 1654-1664. Some new matter on the subject'' by Samuel Oppenheim, //Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society//, No. 18 (1909), pp. 73-74

Last summer some Jews came here from Holland, in order to trade. Afterwards some Jews, poor and healthy, also came here on the same ship with D[omine Theodorus] Polhijmis. It would have been proper that these have been supported by their own nation, but they have been at our charge, so that we have had to spend several hundred guilders for their support. They came several times to my house, weeping and bewailing their misery, and when I directed them to the Jewish merchant [Jacob Barsimson?] they said that he would not lend them a single stiver. Now again in the spring some have come from Holland, and report that a great many of that lot would yet follow and then build here their synagogue.
This causes among the congregation her a great deal of complain and murmuring. These people have no other God than the unrighteous Mammon, and no other aim than to get possession of Christian property, and to win all other merchants by drawing all trade towards themselves.
Therefore we request your Reverences to obtain from the Lords Director that these godless rascals, who are of no benefit to the country, but look at everything for their own profit, may be sent away from here. For as we have here Papists, Mennonites and Lutherans among the Dutch; also many Puritans or Independents, and many Atheists and various other servants of Baal among the English under this Government, who conceal themselves under the name of Christians; it would create a still greater confusion, if the obstinate and immovable Jews came to settle here.

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