Isaac Leeser: Judaism's superiority to Christianity

This source is from Isaac Leeser and the Making of American Judaism by Lance Sussman. The source was originally published in the book by Isaac Leeser Jews in the Mosaic Law which was published in Philadelphia in 1834.

Whatever of moral beauties the Christian religion may have, ours is not less beautiful, no less effective in raising our ideas from nature to nature's Lord. To love him, to confide in his goodness and special protection, is commanded to us in almost every page of Mosaic writings. To love our neighbor as ourselves is no new doctrine of the gospel, for this obligation was know already since the promulgation of the law, which commands :"And thou shalt love thy neighbor like thyself." Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, spoke of the resurrection and the life everlasting, and reward for the righteous, and the punishment for the wicked. What are the glorious truths which the Christian religion, for the first time made known to a world sunk is darkness? I am absolutely unable to discover which and where they are, and I should, therefore, be much indebted to any professor of Christianity who could point out any moral doctrine which was not long previously taught by our prophets and Rabbins.

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