Hannah Adam's defense of the Jews

This source is from General Grant and the Jews by P.H. von Bort published in 1968. It can be found on: https://archive.org/details/generalgrantjews00bort/page/n2
This source was a letter from a Jew to General Grant on the election of Grant. The book is structured in the form of a letter to General Grant about General Order Number 11. This source is inside the letter and is about how Christians owe much to the Jews. Hannah Adams was from Boston and wrote this in her book the History of the Jews

"To them we are indebted for the Scriptures of the New as well as Old Testamet; to them were given the prophecy and power of working miracles; from them we derived an illustrious train of prophets and apostles. To use the language of an inspired writer, "To them pertaineth the adoption and the glory, the service of God and the promises, and of them as concerning the flesh of Christ came." "

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