Grants Response to Lincoln 1868

The Daily news and herald. (Savannah, Ga.) 1866-1868, March 24, 1868, Vol 4 No 70

The Jews and General Grant—An Unpublished Letter —We recently printed the unjust and insulting older issued by Grant during the war banishing Jews by name from his lines. This order did not express the General’s whole opinion of the nationality which he thus singled out for public defamation. President Lincoln, as soon as he saw the order, wrote to Grant, directing him to recall it. In reply, Grant wrote substantially as follows:

“In obedience to your instructions, the order complained of shall he recalled ; but I take the liberty of saying that these people complained of are the same who crucified our Savior, and from the specimens of them here, I do not think the race has improved any since then.”

This letter has never been, made public; but these are its contents, as related by Mr. Lincoln himself to several citizens of St. Louis—St. Louis Dispatch.

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