Defense of the Jews moral character

This source was found in General Grant and the Jews/ which can be found on: This book is about Grant's General Order Number 11.
This source is inside the book and is of a Richmond magistrate about the character of the Jews.
"I was Commonwealth Attorney of the city of Richmond for twenty-one years, and in that long interval, I only prosecuted three Jews, and two of them were most honorably acquitted, there being not a particle of evidence to sustain the charges. During my fourteen years of service as a magistrate, only one Jew was before me in trial, and he was acquitted. In that long period, I do not remember every having application for public charity from any individual of either sex or any age, belonging to that faith, and so far as I am aware, no Jewish child has ever received the benefits of our free schools, for which their parents without murmur pay their taxes-(National Freemason.)"

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