Maryland Jew Bill

Proposed by Solomon Etting

Inspired by Jacob Henry's Impassioned North Carolina Speech (1809)

As a reaction to local State Constitutions, such as the North Carolina Constitution and the Maryland Constitution

Etting along with his Father in law Bernard Gratz, and later the Banker Jacob I. Cohen Jr. petitioned to “be placed upon the same footing with other good citizens” in 1797 (see Votes and Proceedings of November 1797), 1802, and 1824, but failed all three times. Finally in 1826 it was passed, allowing Jews to hold public office.

Similarly, Thomas Kennedy attempted to integrate Jews, but he also had his motion fail (see Vote on Kennedy's Motion).

As a result of the successful passing of motions, with a population of 6000 Jews in America, the first Jew was elected to the Baltimore City Council, and it was, after the long battle, Etting himself.

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